Wine Storage Types

We have a multiple types of wine storage for you to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Wall Cellars

Wall cellars range from 7 cubic feet (approximately 4 cases) to 31 cubic feet (15 cases). They come in four height levels.

  • The Artisan Cellar is at floor level, which many clients prefer as they can slide cases right into their space.
  • The Bordeaux Cellar is located at eye level and is great for clients who take inventory often.
  • The Chianti Cellar is above the Bordeaux and requires the use of a small step ladder. These spaces are great for long term storage as priced a bit less than lower level spaces.
  • The Dolce comes in 12 cubic feet only (approximately 6 cases) and is our highest level requiring our taller step ladder.

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Wine Pantry
Our Wine Pantries are larger than a wall cellar. Some spaces have shelving. These spaces vary from 55 cubic feet (approximately 22 cases) to 206 cubic feet (approximately 95 cases).
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Walk-In Cellars
Our walk in cellars range from 121 cubic feet (holds approximately 35 cases) to 396 cubic feet (holds approximately 200 cases). Some clients will pack the cellar tight and others will line the walls with their wines to make inventory visually available. Personally coded alarmed cellars with swing doors assist in easier storage of your collection.
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Commercial Storage
Many of our commercial clients, such as restaurants that turnover their inventory frequently utilize our temperature controlled Self-Storage spaces that range from 10sf to 225sf. These spaces are temperature controlled. Located often partially below grade with a concrete floor above and below they are a good alternative to our wine storage spaces. (Commercial temperature controlled spaces do not have humidity control). These spaces have alarmed building access with longer access hours of 7 am – 7pm 365 days a year.
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