Wine Storage FAQs

How do I choose the best wine cellar for my collection?

We have a wide variety of cellars to choose from. Whether you are storing four cases or four hundred, our professional wine storage managers can help you choose the cellar that will best meet your needs. When you call, we will ask you several questions to help narrow down the best size for you:

  • How many cases will you be storing?
  • Will you be accessing your collection often?
  • Will you be adding to your collection often?
  • Approximately how long do you plan on storing your wine?
  • How are you currently storing your collection? (i.e. in cases, racks)

How is Santa Barbara Wine Storage different than storing in my home?

Renting a cellar with us is like having your own private home cellar without the expense of installing costly equipment or using valuable space in your home. Our modern, stylish and clean environment makes wine storage an enjoyable experience. We have a commercial temperature and humidity control system and an onsite back up generator. We also offer security features such as digital video surveillance, cellar alarms, and an electronic entry keypad.

Can I serve my wine directly from storage?

Champagnes and white wines should be refrigerated for approximately one hour before serving. Red wines may need to be decanted or stood upright for an hour or more to allow sediments to settle to the bottom. Plan ahead and pick up a bottle an hour or two before you will be serving it to ensure the most enjoyable drinking experience.

How should I store my wine?

Experts agree that wine should be stored horizontally so the wine is in contact with the cork. This will keep the cork moist and help eliminate air from the bottle.

Store your wine with the label up so you can easily see what the wine is without having to disturb the bottle. When you store with the label up, you will also be able to see the sediment that forms in a good bottle of wine and decide to decant it or serve it from the bottle. Lastly, the label is less likely to be damaged, making the wine bottle more attractive.

Should I store my wine in racks or cases?

How you choose to store your wine depends on your reasons for collecting. If you are storing wine as an investment, wine experts recommend keeping your wine in the original packaging, as this may significantly increase the value. If you are storing wine for your personal use, racks are more aesthetically pleasing and make it easier to choose a bottle for that special occasion.

Can white wine and champagne be stored in the same cellar with reds?

Yes, however you will need to cool white wines in a refrigerator for approximately one hour to get them to the ideal drinking temperature.

How long should I age my wine?

Some wines have a recommended cellaring time printed on the label; if not, ask the salesperson where you bought the wine, contact the winery, or check reviews.

Do you have a back-up generator?

Yes, we have a back-up generator onsite to provide electricity in the event of a power outage. As with anything, unforseen events such as earthquakes, fire or even equipment failure may preclude the generator from being activated.